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About GKV Placement

We at GKV Placement (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., believe in offering customized and flexible HR consultancy to organisations so that they could focus on core businesses and achieve success. We are here to also help job seekers get suitable job opportunities in companies of repute.


As we all know the quality and suitability of the human resource pool is the key driving force of growth and our aim is to support our Clients on this.


Our execution methods are based not on assumptions, but on experience and communications.


We are a high impact Talent Search firm based in Bengaluru. We empower our clients with legions of extraordinary talented people. Our clients range from some of the well respected organizations to the most ingenious Start-ups in the Technology domain. A well-established and long-term relationship with our stakeholders helps us to capture a high pedigree of clients and candidates. Our continued rapid growth is a testament to the certainty our clients experience every day.

At the Office

Why to associate Us

We at GKV put the needs of our clients first, and strive to meet those needs and exceed the highest expectations every time we're given the opportunity and always closely examine our present efforts in order to is our future endeavours, so that we can be prepared for your needs before you have them.

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